Swedish Vasterbotten

This occu­pied Rainbow's spe­cial lit­tle Cheese-of-the-Day table a while ago, and I still feel con­flict­ed about it. I tast­ed it and I liked it enough to buy a brick of it. But when I ate a slice on Ryvi­ta, I noticed that it has a some­what dis­con­cert­ing nose, and a weird, gum­my tex­ture. Still, it intrigued me, like a girl who some­how isn't my type but has some enchant­i­ng qual­i­ty that makes me won­der what the hell my type is, and what, for that mat­ter, attrac­tion is, and why the uni­verse seems so ran­dom when it comes to these things. So I've nib­bled at the Vaster­bot­ten for three weeks now, and still there's over half the brick left. So I'm won­der­ing whether I should just call the whole thing off, just end it all RIGHT NOW. Is any­one lis­ten­ing to me out there? Is there any rhyme or rea­son to any of this? I JUST WANT SOME KIND OF SIGN. Are you there, God?

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Dear Edi­tor: are you propos­ing some kind of Sui­cide by Vaster­bot­ten per­for­mance art piece staged at Rainbow's spe­cial lit­tle Cheese-of-the-Day table? sug­ges­tion: not sure if that's the audi­ence you should be going for. just a thought. i think your art would have more res­o­nance at The Safe­way by the Sea. — god

Väster­bot­ten! The King of Cheese! :-) It's a bit demand­ing, like a good Czech pil­sner, which by the way isn't a bad idea; Buy a dozen bot­tles or so of Pil­sner Urquell, cut the Väster­bot­ten into small cubes, also have some black olives at hand and — voilá! Per­fec­tion. Serve right out­side the sauna, and make sure the beer boo­tles are frosty cold. Keep them in an ice buck­et or some­thing. Life *is* good, isn't it?

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