Dutch 2‑Month Goat Gouda

Soon­er or lat­er, the gods of gou­da will deliv­er a cheese that I don't like, but it hasn't hap­pened yet. This youth­ful goat gou­da is more light-heart­ed than its 2- or 4‑year cousins, the sorts with the sneaky creamy-slash-salty bite that roots you to your chair like you're James Bond in Moon­rak­er, stuck in the cen­trifuge, face con­tort­ing. The two-month is a more play­ful cheese. It's lighter, less seri­ous, and fresh­er. If cheeses were rel­a­tives, you'd ask the 2- and 4‑year goudas for advice in mat­ters of the heart, but you'd take the two-month to a bar because it would help you meet girls. This par­tic­u­lar gou­da is just goaty enough to be sat­is­fy­ing when eat­en with a Fuji apple after a short evening run and, like its elder cousins, it should always be washed down with dark beer.