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Rainbow Cheese Department

I would like to take back any neg­a­tive state­ments I may have made in the past regard­ing the Rain­bow Grocery's cheese depart­ment. It's a very good cheese depart­ment, with many cheeses I've only seen at Arti­san, like mimo­lette and Sal­ly Jack­son aged sheep's milk, wrapped in chest­nut leaves. On Sat­ur­day night there was a very friend­ly staff per­son behind the counter, ready to answer any ques­tions. And he gave us free sam­ples of mar­cona almonds, very tasty. I think my real prob­lem with the Rain­bow is not its cheese depart­ment but its sta­tus as a veg­e­tar­i­an col­lec­tive and how in oth­er places there would be an alter­na­tive to Whole Foods where you could buy bacon and lamb shanks or even a can of tuna for god's sake, but here in San Fran­cis­co there is no such place. Port­land, Madi­son, they all have Rain­bow-esque stores with MEAT. So it's not the cheese depart­ment per se, but shop­ping while sur­round­ed by peo­ple who don't even eat cheese, let alone bacon. I always feel like a major­i­ty of Rain­bow shop­pers don't even par­tic­u­lar­ly like food.

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Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Rosan­na, the Rain­bow gro­cery does not sell "Rain­bow cheese." It only sells reg­u­lar cheese, most­ly stu­pid mono­chro­mat­ic cheeses in shades of yel­low, orange, white and every once in a while blue or blue-green. Many have fun­ny names, though. Maybe your sci­ence project could be called "Cheeses with fun­ny names?"

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