Lincolnshire Poacher

This is a raw-milk British cheese, firm and aged yet with a smooth, creamy tex­ture. Like George Clooney. Accord­ing to the folks at Arti­san Cheese, it has under­tones of smoky bacon and accord­ing to Doug (who also resem­bles George Clooney), it tastes real­ly good with beer. I think it has all those qual­i­ties and it also tastes like pineap­ple, which is kind of freaky at first, and com­bined with the under­tones of smoky bacon, makes it sort of the hawai­ian piz­za of the arti­san cheese world. The oth­er fun­ny thing about the Poach­er is that when Kat­ri­na and I sam­pled it, she thought the name meant Poach­er as in to cook in water, as opposed to ille­gal­ly shoot­ing some­one else's game. My ref­er­ences to Dan­ny the Cham­pi­on of the World, Roald Dahl's defin­i­tive text on pheas­ant poach­ing, didn't real­ly clear things up for her, either.

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Doug also brought this to Lynne's house on Sun­day night, cor­rect? Or is there more than one kind of Lin­colnshire Poach­er? Indeed it is tasty. Doug, when you have your house warm­ing par­ty at your new apa­prt­ment, per­haps every­one could bring a cheese and we could chris­ten the house as a Cheese Tem­ple. Doug also has under­tones of smokey bacon, I think, because he does not like cos­tume dramas.

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