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Now, I know that this is a forum for talk­ing about cheese, but I want to take a minute and talk about cheese's great friend, bacon. Bacon's role in the down­fall of many a veg­e­tar­i­an regime has been well-doc­u­ment­ed else­where, and that is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the recent arti­cle in Food and Wine about Cap­tain Bacon, which fea­tures a tour of arti­san smoke­hous­es with the man who owns the Grate­ful Palate, which fea­tures more than one kind of Bacon of the Month Club. Instead of hav­ing a book club, why don't we have our own Bacon of the Month club, where we eat bacon and dis­cuss its sub­tleties of fla­vor?

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