Palo Alto / Dish Loop

I haven't done the dish loop in months … per­haps since before the New Year. Is that pos­si­ble? In any case, I nev­er expect­ed to have such a ter­ri­ble time with it. My PR is in the high 48's, and, in com­par­i­son, this one (54:44) just seems pathet­ic. I should prob­a­bly sub­tract 3 or so min­utes from the time, though, because I had to run down to the secret entrance after get­ting to the Stan­ford Street gate a cou­ple of min­utes after 5pm. So this one was real­ly in the 51 range, though that still sucks in com­par­i­son. I was in pain for some of the run, as my new Adi­das big-boys were killing my feet while I was at the dish. And it was a beau­ti­ful day, not that I was even notic­ing that.