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Velvet revolution

When are we going to talk about Velvee­ta? I was just online vis­it­ing the Kraft Foods Inter­ac­tive Kitchen, and I noticed some real­ly cool recipes using Velvee­ta. Like one called "Gold­en Sauce". Also, Velvee­ta has oth­er uses, such as: my dad used a block of Velvee­ta to teach our dog, Pep­si, to sit & shake. And when are we going to talk about QUESO? Oh my god, there's some­thing called Cheese Fudge and you can make it with Velvee­ta. Things are look­ing up. lka

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FYI, Leslie: You can use the lit­tle "URL" but­ton to paste in links for things like, for instance, the Kraft Inter­ac­tive Kitchen. Or the recipe for Cheese Fudge. Like the direc­tions above the but­tons say, you just select the text you want to link, click the URL but­ton, then type or paste in the link in the lit­tle box, and click OK. Done and done.

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