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Food / Park Slope Food Coop

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Like most things in New York, the Park Slope Food Coop is exclu­sive, filled with beau­ti­ful peo­ple, and a source of high dra­ma in the lives of every­one involved with it. Most every­one I know in Brook­lyn is a mem­ber, and all of them are on some sort of weird coop pro­ba­tion because they're behind on their shifts. Skip­ping shifts is real­ly naughty, and the lengths to which some mem­bers will go to get out of them has become the stuff of folk­lore. On the oth­er hand, oth­ers seem almost patho­log­i­cal­ly con­sci­en­tious — in a recent issue of the newslet­ter was a sto­ry of a mem­ber who had writ­ten into the coop to explain his absence. You see, he was in prison for eco-ter­ror­ism. So he may not, you know, be able to cov­er that Tues­day after­noon pro­duce sort­ing shift.