Art / Say it isn't so, Gocco.

Nooooo! Print Goc­co, the inge­nious, addic­tive Japan­ese home screen-print­ing press, is (appar­ent­ly) being dis­con­tin­ued. Goc­co sup­plies have been scarce late­ly (at Pearl Paints on Mar­ket, any­way), so I called Welsh Prod­ucts. As I was order­ing some bulbs and screens, I com­ment­ed about the scarci­ty, and the woman on the oth­er end said, "Well, they have dis­con­tin­ued it, you know."[Sound of phone hit­ting floor]She said that Riso would con­tin­ue to man­u­fac­ture ink, bulbs and screens for three years, but that they're ceas­ing pro­duc­tion of the B6 press (the clas­sic) very soon.Immediately after I hung up, I ver­i­fied the news on the Inter­net — because it is so trust­wor­thy in news of this nature — and quick­ly found a site ded­i­cat­ed to the preser­va­tion of Goc­co: Save Goc­co. I couldn't find any offi­cial ref­er­ence, but MAKE mag­a­zine seems to believe the hype as well. Gocco's US site doesn't men­tion any­thing about it.