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Toothsome offender

Dou­glas, I notice that you are a repeat tooth­pick user. At the Bi-rite these days, they have tak­en to putting out cheese sam­ples at the most pop­u­lar time for shop­pers. From about 5:30 on, there are delight­ful lit­tle ramekins full of lit­tle bites of cheese—midnight moon, piave, vel­la mez­zo, pecori­no with truf­fles, sare­anah farm­stead, reg­giano. the dry cheese sec­tion of the bi-rite is the per­fect place to end an ear­ly evening run. if you are sweaty and bright red in the face, no one else will even come near the cheese sam­ples and you can eas­i­ly eat the whole lit­tle dish of que­so iberi­co, using only one tooth­pick. and some­times, in the refrig­er­at­ed sec­tion, they have a lit­tle plate of crack­ers spread with a lus­cious dol­lop of Hum­boldt Fog, a deli­cious aged goat cheese that while hav­ing a creamy tex­ture, is decid­ed­ly not a cream cheese.

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Okay, okay. I will no longer besmirch the good name of Hum­boldt Fog by call­ing it a cream cheese. I only did so to iden­ti­fy it as a spread­able cheese rather than a slice­able cheese. There­fore, from now on, I will refer to Hum­boldt Fog as a "cheese spread."

Doug, where are you buy­ing your Hum­boldt Fog? At Cost­co? Because the Hum­boldt Fog I know and love can not real­ly be spread. It smears a bit, but most­ly it crum­bles in a creamy fash­ion at the touch of a knife.

It's not an insult to call Hum­boldt Fog a cream cheese, it's just inac­cu­rate. I strive for accu­ra­cy above all else.

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