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Ceci n'est pas un queso

words that rhyme with que­so: 1. peso. 2. i can't think of any­thing else. words that sort of rhyme with que­so: 1. miso. tasty soup from japan. 2. cuo­mo. mario: for­mer gov­er­nor of new york. andrew: for­mer sec­re­tary of HUD. once con­sid­ered one of the most eli­gi­ble bach­e­lors inside the belt­way, andrew was some­times called "Sec­re­tary of Stud". he has since lost his looks. 3. duo­mo. a pret­ty renais­sancey type cathe­dral from old­en times in flo­rence, italy. being in italy makes you real­ize how pret­ty Catholi­cism can be. 4. brass‑o. house­hold prod­uct for mak­ing brass shiny. do not inhale! 5. ho-ho. host­ess dessert prod­uct made with choco­late cakey type com­po­nents. i think. 6. koko. cute goril­la who learned sign lan­guage and befriend­ed a grey kit­ten. the grey kit­ten got killed by a car, and koko had to sign things like "koko sad kit­ten go bye bye", which was sad. 7. lesotho. accord­ing to the CIA World Fact Book 2002, "an enclave of South Africa about the size of Mary­land". 8. gree­do. tried to kill Han Solo in that inter-galac­tic water­ing hole where they played the kook­ie music. i love that music! 9. momo. a rather bland vari­ety of Tibetan dumplings. bored now. L to the K A

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Umm, Ho Ho doesn't have a hyphen, and it doesn't even come close to rhyming with Que­so. But it's all good. In any case, I look for­ward to hear­ing your opin­ions on cheese, Leslie.

Yeah, it turns out that ass­hole doesn't have a hyphen either. I look for­ward to hear­ing your opin­ions on that, Mr. Admin­is­tra­tor Who Hides Behind Iron Cur­tain of Edi­to­r­i­al Author­i­ty. p.s. Admin­is­tra­tor: Is there are way to make spaces between text in our entries? I tend to ram­ble, and I'd like mine to be a lit­tle eas­i­er to read.

Well, it's inter­est­ing that you ask for ways of break­ing up your entries. And the answer is: Yes, I could eas­i­ly allow line breaks and car­riage returns. But the rea­son why you want these things isn't mere­ly because you ram­ble, it's because you ram­ble over 10 dif­fer­ent sub­jects. So, if you want to make your entries eas­i­er to read, MAKE A DIFFERENT ENTRY FOR EACH SUBJECT. And let's try to keep the sub­jects the names of cheeses. Keep up the good work.

Admin­is­tra­tor Who Uses A Mani­a­cal Obses­sion with Rules to Hide His Real Pain, Which Stems Main­ly from the Fact that Pitt is about to Over­take Kansas in NCAA Men's Bas­ket­ball Rank­ings: So, we're a "no" on line breaks and spac­ing? Thanks for the feed­back on my ram­bling. I think you could make a real­ly good man­ag­er. You know, at like Radio Shack, or HP. Keep up the good work.

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