City Summits / Tank Hill

Of course I decide to run on Sun­day. Sat­ur­day was clear, warm, and easy-going in this way that I always knew Cal­i­for­nia would be, and I spent most of it work­ing on my law school per­son­al state­ment. Sun­day was rain. Rain and wind. Can any­one blame me for not being inspired by rain and wind? Or cold? Did I men­tion cold? My hands got cold near Tank Hill, and then I got one of those ter­ri­ble nether-region numb­ness­es that forced me to do some pro­vi­sion­al warm­ing with my hand while I ran. Any­way, I turned back after I hit Tank Hill, going back through Cole Val­ley, Bue­na Vista Park, and the Cas­tro. NONE of this would have hap­pened if I'd run on Saturday.