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Information art / Typographic map of London

Typographic map of London

This amaz­ing typo­graph­ic map, cheek­i­ly called "London's Kern­ing," was designed by NB: Stu­dio, a Lon­don graph­ic design con­cern. It's a pret­ty excel­lent demon­stra­tion of type's abil­i­ty to com­mu­ni­cate size, shape, rela­tion­ship, the list goes on. I also love the homage (via type­face) to the Lon­don A‑Z, an indis­pens­able com­pan­ion, inter­preter and guide for any nav­i­ga­tor of Lon­don. They're tak­ing orders for them. [Thx, kot­tke].