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Urban farming / My robot bees are pregnant

[Dan­ger: I could only get the video to play in IE. Not sure if it's my par­tic­u­lar array of Fire­fox add-ons that are block­ing its mojo, or what.]So every few weeks I sift through the most­ly asi­nine archives of SFist, and today, against all odds, I found some­thing inter­est­ing: A llit­tle blurb about urban bee­keep­ing in San Fran­cis­co with a link to a Cur­rentTV short. The direc­tor pro­files this guy Jon Ral­ston, some­one I vague­ly recall from my time in the bee club. He's younger (in bee­keep­ing age, any­way) and takes a very sim­i­lar approach to bee­keep­ing that I did: Just get a hive, put it in your back­yard, let the bees do what they do until some­one com­plains. Worked for me until my land­lord stum­bled upon it dur­ing a very active day (that turned into a swarm), and became ter­ri­fied. I also iden­ti­fy with Jon's rea­sons for get­ting into bee­keep­ing in the first place — feel­ing clos­er to the out­doors, and hav­ing a source of cheap gifts. He seems like an inter­est­ing guy, and he's got a fun­ny blog, too: My robot is preg­nant.