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Aw, woo-ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah

Wor­dle + The First 100% Accu­rate Tran­scrip­tion of Led Zep­pelin II Lyrics =

Led Zeppelin 2 lyrics - wordle

3 replies on “Aw, woo-ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah”

Recent­ly, I used Wor­dle to dis­play the screen­play to Big Lebows­ki. Like the Zep­pelin, it gives some good results.

Yes, either his bio­log­i­cal clock was tick­ing, or he just real­ly loved babies. I also love that so many of the words are "lot­ta" and "gonna" and "a‑coolin," and then just to the right of "baby," there's the very polite "woman." Except it's not real­ly polite when Robert Plant sings it.

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