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Memphis dirty go-go

Stop what­ev­er you're doing and watch this. It's called "Win­dowdip­per," and it's by Jib Kid­der, aka Sean Schus­ter-Craig. I remem­ber Sean describ­ing his music as some­thing like min­i­mal­ist crunk, or Dirty South boo­gie, or Mem­phis dirty go-go, or some­thing, but you real­ly have to see this to get it. Sean, if you read this, remind me of the offi­cial sub-sub-genre. In the mean­time, holy crap. Enjoy.

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I think I prob­a­bly would have said that I make psy­che­del­ic cut-up thats inspired by Mem­phis Get Buck music and New Orleans Bounce Rap

Yep, that sounds like what I remem­ber you say­ing, and it makes WAY more sense than the way I described it. The video is total­ly genius, by the way. There is some true inspi­ra­tion in it, espe­cial­ly the way the home­made dance videos are cut into it. I can take cred­it for like sev­en of the You Tube view­ings in the past cou­ple of days.

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