The acid days of Lorne Michaels

Before he cre­at­ed Sat­ur­day Night Live, Lorne Michaels used to send jokes to Woody Allen … A sam­ple: He was obsessed with the notion that, some­where in the world, there is a per­son hav­ing exact­ly the same thought he was at exact­ly the same moment. He decid­ed to call that per­son, but the line was busy. Just the right amount of exis­ten­tial angst for Allen, right? Allen told Michaels that this joke was "bril­liant," and accord­ing to Michaels, the com­pli­ment "kept him going for the next sev­er­al years." Excel­lent anec­dotes in Sat­ur­day Night: A Back­stage His­to­ry of Sat­ur­day Night Live.

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Yep, I'm no expert on SNL, but I don't recall any involve­ment by Woody Allen, even in the ear­ly days. The writ­ers and per­form­ers of the ear­ly days seemed to take a fair­ly antag­o­nis­tic approach toward any­thing too main­stream or "estab­lish­ment," and maybe Woody Allen had achieved that sta­tus by the mid-70s?

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