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Domestic policy / US out of everywhere

US out of North America

Long ago, some­one spray paint­ed "US out of North Dako­ta" on the wall of the Cave, a lit­tle bar in the base­ment of a Car­leton dorm. It was direct­ly above the stage, a stage where I saw a lot of good bands (Walt Mink, FIREHOSE, Phish, and prob­a­bly oth­ers). So I spent a lot of time star­ing at it. It made a deep impres­sion on me. I still think about it. Which reminds me: Seces­sion. The coun­ties of North­ern Cal­i­for­nia and South­ern Ore­gon tried to secede from their respec­tive states in the 40's. True sto­ry. So any­way, it makes me real­ly hap­py that Justin took this pho­to of a Duster in his neigh­bor­hood in Berke­ley. Dis­sent! It's your patri­ot­ic duty.

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You can eas­i­ly make your own bumper stick­ers by buy­ing avery bumper stick­er paper at local office sup­ply store and mak­ing your own using Word. Anoth­er option is to buy full-page stick­er paper and make and cut your own. 

Anoth­er 'bet­ter' option is to just print large font full-page 'fly­ers' and tape them to the inside of your car window/s. I've done this to back win­dow and nev­er been stoped by police/cops etc. Best if placed on the side back win­dows to avoid block­ing side view when driving.

Start a move­ment — print and tape up your own pub­lic edu­ca­tion announce­ments — include your Blog web address (smile).


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