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It's not a word, but lots of peo­ple like to use it as if it were. Over the past few years, I've heard it more and more often, but today was the first day I've ever seen it in the main­stream media. Hmmm.

Is there some­thing defi­cient about "influ­en­tial" or "res­o­nant?" What about affect­ing, author­i­ta­tive, con­trol­ling, dom­i­nant, effec­tive, effi­ca­cious, forcible, gov­ern­ing, guid­ing, impor­tant, impres­sive, inspir­ing, instru­men­tal, lead­ing, mean­ing­ful, momen­tous, mov­ing, per­sua­sive, potent, promi­nent, sig­nif­i­cant, strong, sub­stan­tial, telling, touch­ing, weighty, beat­ing, boom­ing, deep, elec­tri­fy­ing, enhanced, full, inten­si­fied, loud, mel­low, noisy, oro­tund, plan­gent, pow­er­ful, pro­found, pul­sat­ing, puls­ing, resound­ing, rever­ber­ant, rever­ber­at­ing, rich, ring­ing, roar­ing, round, sono­rant, sonorous, sten­to­ri­an, stri­dent, thrilling, throb­bing, thun­der­ing, or thunderous?