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hey you guys: Who do you think would win in a rum­ble between Bi-Rite employ­ees and Rain­bow employ­ees? They could meet down at the docks. No knives or chains allowed. I think the Bi-Rite employ­ees might be stronger than Rain­bow employ­ees, because Bi-Rite employ­ees prob­a­bly eat more meat and have more mus­cle mass than Rain­bow employ­ees. I bet Bi-Rite employ­ees pan­ic eas­i­ly though. Rain­bow employ­ees would prob­a­bly coat their bod­ies with patchouli oil, which would make them slip­pery and hard to punch.

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I think it depends on if Bi-Rite fields their team with the deli counter staff or the reg­is­ter staff. the reg­is­ter staff wouldn't stand a chance, but the deli counter staff would beat the rain­bow employ­ees, patchouli oil or no, using the big huge sticks of sala­mi, pancetta, and spicy cop­pa they have behind the counter. it would be like hold­ing a cross up to a vam­pires. and then when the rain­bow employ­ees were on their knees, the bi-rite boys would break out the bacon, and the entire veg­e­tar­i­an col­lec­tive would collapse.

I do not fre­quent the posh envi­rons of your "Buy Right," so I am pre­dis­posed to pull for Rain­bow. In SE Hin­ton terms, it's sort of a cheese Greas­er, cheese Soc thing. Nev­er­the­less, I do not have any con­fi­dence in the abil­i­ty of my brethren and sistren in cheese at Rain­bow to do any kind of ass-kick­ing. I do have con­fi­dence in their abil­i­ty to annoy the shit out of their rivals with polit­i­cal ram­blings and attempts at "con­sen­sus build­ing". The Socs win again.

So, by enti­tling your post "Rum­blecheese," you are not mak­ing an explic­it ref­er­ence to SE Hinton's "Rum­ble­fish"? Also, not to nit­pick, Leslie, but Bi-Rite is hyphen­at­ed. Look for­ward to hear­ing your feel­ings about cheese.

Actu­al­ly, I was con­sid­er­ing this ques­tion with­in a West Side Sto­ry frame­work. So I guess the Bi Rite is more Jets ori­ent­ed, and the Rain­bow, while pro­fess­ing alle­giance to the Sharks are actu­al­ly Jets to the core. Or rather, they are Jets from their first clove cig­a­rette to their last dying day.

Doug, if she is mak­ing a ref­er­ence to Rum­ble­fish, that ren­ders the Greasers and the Socs point­less, as there are no Socs in Rum­ble­fish. It's pure Greas­er. but hey, that was then, this is now.

True, the Socs weren't in "Rum­ble­fish", but my point was I thought we were in the world of SE Hin­ton, rather than Stephen Sond­heim. But it's all good.

To clar­i­fy: 1. I want­ed the title of the post­ing to be "rum­ble", but since the Admin­is­tra­tor Who Freaks Out If Peo­ple Don't Put The Word Cheese In Their Post­ing Titles would have a cow if I titled a post­ing "rum­ble", I added the word "cheese" to it. 1a. Thus­ly, I was not mak­ing a con­scious ref­er­ence to S. E. Hinton's young adult nov­el Rum­ble­fish. 2. I can't believe the Admin­is­tra­tor is rely­ing on City­Search edi­tors to set­tle the ques­tion of whether the Bi-Rite is hyphen­at­ed. That is very slop­py. Because City­Search is edit­ed by fer­rets. 3. If the Admin­is­tra­tor had read my pre­vi­ous entries, Admin­is­tra­tor would have noticed that I hyphen­at­ed Bi-Rite in 4 out of 5 usages, so I don't know what Admin­is­tra­tor got his panties in a twist about.

Umm, (a) I nev­er said that the word "cheese" had to be in the sub­ject, I said that the sub­ject should, ide­al­ly, be the name of a cheese. I.e., "Hum­boldt Fog," "Jarls­berg," etc. Not only have you missed the point, you have missed the point big-time. Twice. And (b) because we can­not yet afford edi­tors, we all need to edit our­selves. This means that we need to be con­sis­tent in our ref­er­ences to names, places, and of course cheeses. I appre­ci­ate that you hyphen­at­ed Bi-Rite four out of five times, but because we are striv­ing to be the online cheese taste-mak­ers of record, we can set­tle for no less than 100% con­sis­ten­cy. Look for the CHEESE style guide soon. Then, mem­o­rize it.

So, to clar­i­fy, I should con­sis­tent­ly refer to the Admin­si­tra­tor as "He Who Walks in Darkness"?

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