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Mac 'n cheese

I think mac­a­roni and cheese is the dish that first intro­duces you to how good cheese can be, and how much bet­ter good cheese can make some­thing taste. Call it what you will — shells and cheese, mac 'n cheese, quat­tro for­mag­gi, — the com­bi­na­tion of bak­ing pas­ta and cheese togeth­er is one of the best uses of cheese in the world. It's also a good way to use up any cheese you might have sit­ting around in the cheese draw­er. I made it this week­end using fis­cali­ni aged ched­dar reserve, mixed in with a lit­tle cave-aged gruyere and some reg­gie. MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

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Mac and cheese is also the sim­plest and best camp­ing meal of all time. When I was hik­ing, I ate Annie's mac and cheese on at least 85 of the 95 nights, and I nev­er got sick of it. I spiced it up with cayenne pep­per, salt, and on par­tic­u­lar­ly fes­tive nights I'd put a lit­tle sum­mer sausage in it. When I did Camp Nebag­a­mon trips, we ate a vari­a­tion on mac and cheese called "spaghet­ti carb" … which was spaghet­ti with like 4x the amount of cheese as you usu­al­ly get with mac and cheese. It was lit­er­al­ly the hard­est pos­si­ble thing to clean out of the cookpots, but it was always real­ly, real­ly good.

I'm think­ing that we are going to need to eat a lot of mac 'n cheese dur­ing March Mad­ness. We might even have a mac­a­roni-off as part of the fes­tiv­i­ties. I'm not embar­rassed to say that I rou­tine­ly add cheese to Annie's. Along with some red pep­per flakes.

Are you propos­ing Mac­a­roni Mad­ness? The Final Quat­tro? A Tour­ney Taste-off? I'm game. I make a love­ly jay­hawk pie.

Pan­ther con Que­so: Take 1 (one) Pitt Pan­ther. Sub­due. (This is not dif­fi­cult, and requires only a basic man-to-man defense, a match-up zone, or what­ev­er you have lying around the kitchen). Fric­as­ee with three-point bomb­ing and slash­ing to the bas­ket. Saute with low-post pass­ing and a zone press. Add ½ cup water, and sim­mer. Add a dash of DePaul Blue Demons at this point if you like your Pan­ther spici­er. Add grat­ed cheese. Serves 12 hun­gry Mis­souri Tigers.

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