The Cot­tage Cheese Song (sing to the tune of Every­thing In Its Right Place by Radio­head): small curd, large curd, medi­um curd. low fat, non fat, full fat. with pineap­ple, with ham­burg­er, with wheat germ It's a ver­sa­tile, hard-work­ing cheese that doesn't put on airs. Once rel­e­gat­ed to the "dieter's plate", it has steadi­ly gained wide­spread accep­tance as a dairy treat for peo­ple from all walks of life. Brands to watch: Knudsen's, Hori­zon Organ­ic, Light n' Live­ly. Bonus qual­i­ty: comes in high­ly portable plas­tic tubs and can be eat­en with a spoon or straw (small curd only).

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First of all, isn't cot­tage cheese just paneer? Sec­ond of all, for those of us who were Emi­ly Hall's fresh­man year room­mate, cot­tage cheese has been for­ev­er ruined by her habit of eat­ing, for din­ner, only a lit­tle tiny sal­ad bowl bar of cot­tage cheese, sea­soned with about a half cup of cur­ry pow­der, smelling like ass.

Cot­tage cheese as we know it is dif­fer­ent from paneer. But the prin­ci­ple is the same. Time was, cot­tage cheese was just sim­ple farmer's cheese, but now it is a "prod­uct cat­e­go­ry," and as such it has "cus­tomers" who have "expec­ta­tions". Paneer is also farmer's cheese, but it's also basi­cal­ly Indi­an tofu, where­as cot­tage cheese is curds in some uniden­ti­fi­able goop.

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